Who Buys Watches Near Me

Who Buys Watches Near Me

If you have a watch you want to sell you may be wondering where you can get cash locally. Sure there is Ebay and other online sites, but where in your area can you sell a watch? Can you sell a watch that doesn’t work? How much can you get for a used watch? In the article below I will address these questions and share my experience with the place who buys watches near me.

Who Buys Watches Near Me – Find a Local Buyer

If you are looking for “who buys watches near me” or looking for “where to sell my watch”, use the map below…

Finding a buyer is not always difficult. Finding the right buyer who is willing to pay the right price, or at least the fair price, is the challenge. Read on for how to match the condition of your timepiece to the right buyer…

Who Buys Watches Near Me – Where to Sell a Watch

Finding a buyer for your watch is only half the battle. You can have a Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial chronometer or a Timex Elevated Stainless Steel and there is a buyer out there for it. In some circumstances, you can sell a watch that doesn’t even work. My point is there is a variety of buyers.

Here are some examples of the buyers:

  • Casual private owner looking for an everyday watch.
  • Collectors looking for a classic.
  • Upcoming influencer who wants a high end luxury watch, but can’t afford something new.
  • A Watch repair pro looking for replacement parts.

Now you don’t have to get the watch to the buyer directly, although that is ideal for max cash. You just need to get your watch in the hands of a place that can reach the largest market of watch buyers. Here are the types of places who buy watches near me:

Pawn Brokers

Summation: Get cash on the spot, will buy almost any working watch, will offer you cash well below the appraisal value.

A pawn broker offers loans, and uses personal property as collateral. When the loan time period expires the pawn broker has the right to sell the property. Pawn brokers are your best option for fast cash, but one of your worst options for fair payment. They will offer you the absolute lowest possible price for your timepiece because they need to resell it. Also they assume you are there, because you are desperate and have no other options.

The only negotiating leverage you have with a pawn shop is a good story to go with the watch. For example if you had an Omega watch that Daniel Craig wore in a James Bond film, you would somehow need to absolutely prove this was the watch. Stories like that add intrinsic value to an old timepiece.

Auction Houses

Summation: Highest possible payout, large commission fees, and only available for the best vintage and luxury timepieces.

An auction is great because you can reach a much larger audience. You may also take home significantly more then the timepiece is valued at.

The catch though is that watches that make it to auction really need to be special. They need to be luxury, vintage, or have some compelling story that gives it value. The other downside is auction houses take huge commissions, some upwards of 30%. When it comes to watch auctions, here are the big ones: Christie’s, Bonham, and Soethby’s.

While those big auctions know exactly how to drive the demand up, you don’t need a big auction house to sell a watch. You can find smaller public watch auctions which may be part of other related auctions on jewelry.

Watch Repair Boutiques

Summation: Cash on the spot, low offers, but takes some broken watches 

The watch repair near me, buys watches for two reasons: To fix it and sell it themselves or to use it for replacement parts on another project. A watch repair shop is your best option for a broken watch. You may not get much cash, but you should get something. The age, brand, and model of the watch will impact how much money you get offered.  If you have a wristwatch the works you should consider seeing a jeweler first to sell it.

Local Jewelry Store

Summary: Fair offer in cash, watch must be in quality working condition, brand and model matter.

A local jeweler is a great option for a brand name timepiece that is in quality working condition. It doesn’t have to look great, they will clean and polish it, but it needs to be functionally sound. A jeweler will appraise the watch and make you an offer below appraisal. You will not get the appraisal value, because they need to sell it to make a profit.

Craigslist and Local Classifieds

Summary: Get the price you want, but you need to deal with people haggling for a lower price.

Craigslist and other online classifieds are great because there is no middle man. You can post your timepiece and set the price. It’s up to you whether or not you will let someone negotiate you down. While there is no middle man and you get all the money, you have to deal with the public. This means deal with people emailing you, calling you, and maybe even meeting you to look at the watch.

If you are not pressed for cash these sites are the best places to start. You can see who the buyers are and how much they are willing to pay. There is also nothing stopping you from posting any watch in any condition for sale. The worst that can happen is that no one wants it.

Who Buys Watches Online

Selling you timepiece online expands your buyers significantly. There are retail shops, collector watch sites, Facebook groups, online auctions sites, and classified sites. Most of these where you post you watch, negotiate with a buyer, mail it, and pay a commission to the site.

When choosing an online platform to sell a watch you must research their reputation. You don’t personally know these buyers and you must ensure that if you are mailing a watch that you are getting paid.

I lean on the side of trust no one when it comes to selling something online. That is why I would like to review 3 options that are reputable for you to consider. I have no affiliation with any of them, just listing them here as reputable places…


Tourneau is world famous for dealing in pre-owned timepieces. They are the largest retailer of watches in the US. They will appraise your watch and make you a fiar offer for it. The offer will be below appraisal so that they can make a profit. They will purchase your watch, certify it, and sell it as a certified pre-owned watch.

They have a 5 step process for buying your watch:

  1. On their website, Submit your  manufacturer, model number and pictures of the watch.
  2. You will get an offer that will be a range.
  3. They send you a pre-paid envelope to mail your watch to them.
  4. They inspect the watch and make you a official offer. The better the condition, the better the offer.
  5. Then you will receive a bankers check from Tourneau.

Tournaeu, isn’t going to be interested in a Citizen Eco-Drive. They are looking to purchase high end luxury timepieces. This is a good option to get a fair offer if you have a brand like Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Omega, Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, etc. Tournaeu has made a business as a watch buyer for over 100 years, this is one of the best in the business to sell a watch to. Learn more here.


Chrono24 is a classified site for high end timepieces. They offer you a platform where you can post pictures of your watch and a description. You can potentially reach millions of buyers. Through there site they have a way for you to get paid securely.

I have bought watches on here before and there are many serious buyers. Unlike selling on a site like Craigslist, you are not going to get price haggling. Buyers here know the market and the value of these products. Even better Chrono24 only takes a 6.5% commission of the sale price. That is far better then you would get from the place who buys watches near me.

If you aren’t sure what your watch is worth, they do free online appraisals. That will help you create a price that will be fair to both you and the potential buyer.

Chrono24 does the following process:

  1. Post your watch online with pictures, a description, and a price. Buyers can suggest a fair price also.
  2. Sign a legally binding agreement with the buyer.
  3. The buyer deposits money in Escrow. The escrow holds the money until the buyer receives the watch.
  4. You insure the package and send the watch to the buyer.
  5. Once the watch is received the money transfers from escrow into your account.

This process is really solid. 6.5% is a small cut for the amount of potential buyers you can reach. To be successful on Chrono24 you will need a high end luxury watch to sell. You can get your watch appraised free by them here.

Call The Manufacturer

Your other option for selling a watch online is to call the manufacturer. This is a viable option if you have a vintage watch. Some manufacturers may be willing to buy it back from you. It may not even need to be working to get paid.

One of the tricks some of the luxury watch makers do, like Rolex and Breitling, is they proxy bid on their own products at auction. If you have a vintage watch that interests them you may have some powerful leverage in the price negotiation.

Other Ideas For Who Buys Watches Near Me

If you are trying to sell a watch that isn’t high end you can always go the Ebay route. This is a good choice if you have a common timepiece, no paperwork, and no warranty. You have tow choices there, you can auction it or set a buy now price. What’s great Ebay is that you set the price and there is no middle man. Also you can sell a watch of any brand and any quality. The downside is you deal with people who think they are watch experts, if they were they probably wouldn’t be shopping on Ebay.

How Much Money Can I Get?

There are two many factors for me to say how much money you can get selling your used watch. What I can help you do is understand what determines the amount you can get.

The true value is whatever the current demand is. You can only sell a watch for what someone is willing to pay.

Here are the most impactful factors that determine how much you can sell it for:

  • The make and model and if all parts are original.
  • The condition of the watch, particularly the bezel and all exterior pieces
  • Where you decide to sell it.
  • Do you have the watches original receipt, box, warranty card, and service records.

All of the factors above go into how much your watch can sell for. Aside from that is will be determined by how well you negotiate. At the place who buys watches near me, your offer is about 55% to 60% of the appraised value.

How To Get Maximum Cash for Your Watch?

There are some things you can control and somethings you can’t.  Condition, brand, model, and original parts are a large part of getting the most money. After that though is how well you can market. Can you help the watch have a story?

The Local Place Who Buys Watches Near Me

If you are selling a watch in person you want to make sure to do the following to get the best offer:

  1. Clean the watch and get it looking as best you can. If the watch is an antique do not polish it.
  2. Gather all your paperwork like the original receipt, box, warranty card, and service records.
  3. Think if the watch has an emotional story you can tell with it. Like did it belong to WWII soldier? If there is a story you will need proof.
  4. Find comparable used watches online to help you figure out what the watch is worth.
  5. Take really good marketing style pictures of the watch and email them to the place to get them interested (take pics of the dial, bracelet, strap/bracelet, buckle, case back)

Getting the Max Cash When Selling a Watch Online

For selling online you are doing straight up internet marketing. Do the following:

  1. Clean the watch and get it looking as best you can. If the watch is an antique do not polish it.
  2. Take really high resolution pictures (take pics of the dial, bracelet, strap/bracelet, buckle, case back).
  3. Gather all your paperwork like the original receipt, box, warranty card, and service records.
  4. Find comparable used watches online to help you figure out what the watch is worth.
  5. Write a killer description and use good marketing language trying to use some emotional appeals.

Who Buys Watches Near Me – Conclusion

For selling a used watch you have a lot of options. How much you can get for it will vary on the condition, brand, model, and if it still has the original parts. For selling a watch quick you can visit a pawn broker, but for better returns selling your watch online is more profitable. Most of where you sell it is determined by what you have, like you wouldn’t want sell a Rolex on Craigslist. This is what I have learned from the place who buys watches near me.