There are over 2.850 watch repair shop choices in the UK. If you have a timepiece that needs work, it is important to carefully select where you bring it. There is a difference between going to a local jeweler and visiting an actual watch repair shop. Below I will share insight into warranty info, authorized vs unauthorized service, and how to locate your local watch repair shop. I will share with my experience from the watch repair near me.

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Unauthorized vs Authorized Repairs

When you get a watch repaired you need to understand how it affects your warranty. Even something as simple as a battery change, is considered a repair in some manufacturers warranty.

When you visit you local watch repair shop or jeweler for any service, in almost all instances this is considered an unauthorized repair. Most manufacturers call out in their warranty that “any unauthorized repair. Some warranties call out specifically that any intervention of any person not authorized by [Manufacturer] or its representatives will void the warranty.

Authorized repairs involve sending your watch into a service center or visiting an authorized repair shop. Authorized repairs indicate that the technicians are certified by the manufacturer to perform work on the time piece. Typically an authorized repair will have a guarantee for a set period of time after it is completed.

So why would someone choose an unauthorized repair?

There are many reason you may choose to take your watch to your local repair or jeweler for work. These service tend to have faster turnaround time, you can speak to a technician in person, and if your warranty is expired, you may not care anyway.

Sending your watch in to a service center takes 3-5 weeks for most brands and you communicate via email or a customer service rep.

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How Long is My Watch Warranty and What is Covered?

Every brand is different in terms of warranty length and coverage. A standard watch warranty is a two year limited liability warranty. It will cover manufacturers defects and craftsmanship. Some brands offer little as one year and others as many as 5.

It will not cover the battery, wear and tear, a scratched crystal, the strap, damage from an accident, normal wear negligence, misuse, abuse, theft, etc.

Almost all warranties contain a clause that says any damage caused by unauthorized personal may void the warranty.

Making a Warranty Claim

If you need to make a warranty claim, then you will need to seek an authorized repair. In most instances you will need your warranty card or receipt from an authorized seller. The receipt needs to show the model of the timepiece, the price, and the purchase date.

You will then need to send the watch in to an authorized service center and wait for them to contact you. They will evaluate the watch and if the issue is covered it will be fixed for free. In the event it can’t be fixed, most manufacturers will replace the watch. If the issue is not covered under warranty they will give you a price quote to fix the issue.

What Kind of Issues Can The Watch Repair Near Me Fix?

Your local watch shop can provide a wide variety of repairs. If you find the right place they may even be able to service an antique timepiece. Most places offer the following services:

  • Battery Replacement: Will have stock on hand of a variety of sizes and they will know which battery fits your timepiece.
  • Stem and Crown Repair: If your watch is newer and the parts are still manufactured, they can perform this service. For an older watch it is a more complicated repair they may involve fabricating the stem.
  • Strap Replacement: They will have a variety of universal fit straps to choose from and can change your band for you.
  • Resizing: A service normally done on metal bands to add or remove links. 
  • Cleaning and Inspection: A detailed look over of your watch and a thorough cleaning.
  • Crystal Repair and Replacement: Buffing out scratches from a crystal or replacing a shattered crystal.
  • Routine Servicing: Performing recommended procedures like lubricating mechanisms and checking the movement for issues.

You will find shops that can do more like replacing a gasket, restoration, and even part fabrication. What I have highlighted above are some of the most common tasks all watch repair shops near me perform.

Depending on what you require, a lot of common repairs can be completed while you wait. For example a battery replacement or a strap replacement may only take a few minutes. A stem and crown repair can be much more complicated, because a technician also needs to see if there is damage to the movement. A repair like that could lake 48 hours or more and that is if they have the parts in stock.

When you bring your watch in or calla shop, it is helpful to know the parts of a watch and what type of movement you have. This will help you communicate better with the technician. You can look at the basic parts of a watch here. You can look at the three most common movement types here.

If They Can’t Repair It Will I Be Charged

In my experience with the watch repair near me, they won’t attempt to fix it unless they know with certainty they can. If they are unsure they will tell you the risks upfront and talk about how much labor costs per hour. In that case they will charge you for labor just to look at it, but will let you know up front there is a possibility they can not fix it.

Now at an authorized service center it is a little different. When you mail your timepiece into them, they inspect it, figure the issue, and provide an estimate. If you don’t want the work completed, they will mail the watch back to you at no charge.

Finding The Best Watch Repair Near Me

It is being speculated that the art of watch repair is coming to an end.

As technology advances and we move towards the digital realm and away from the analog, doubt has been cast as to whether craftsmanship and precision that goes into a traditional repair will remain a skill. Will it continue to pass down through the generations? Besides, many youths and young adults simply use their smart phones to keep up with the time. That being said, nothing beats a traditional watch and a Smartwatch simply cannot supplant the quality and class that comes with a wrist watch. Therefore, it is imperative that you know where you can get your broken watch fixed.

That’s where Watch Repair Near Me comes in. Here’s how to find a good, local, service.

Get a Few Different Quotes on the Repair Work

Calling around to a few different places is a good idea. You can ask for estimates and how long a repair like your will take to complete.

First, you must make sure that repair is worth the effort, time and cost. While a good shop can give you a fair price, depending on what needs to be done, it may not be worth the outlay if the watch wax cheap or inferior to begin with. Put otherwise, it may cost as much or more to have it fixed than it would to buy a new one ! You should also consider the other factors at play such as sentimentality, engraving, or the unlikelihood of finding an exact match. We advise that you consult with an honest repairman to see what they recommend. Is the watch worth fixing or should you buy a new one?

Do You Need an Authorized Service Center?…

Alternatively, if you have a very expensive piece  consider limiting your repair choices specifically to the manufacturer or an authorized service center. This is more true if the piece is under warranty. Even if the watch was bought without warranty, it still may be worth going through the manufacturer. This will ensure that you get the right parts. A repairman, who may look to save on cost, could replace parts with lesser quality materials, bringing down the worth and reliability of your piece considerably.

Therefore, if you have a watch that needs to be fixed make sure you find a  shop with a specialist who is familiar your brand. At times it may make sense to see a jewelry repair rather than going to an actual watch repair shop. Obviously, if you can find someone who is both an accomplished jeweler and a certified and an authorized technician that is best.

Advice For Vintage Timepiece Repairs

If you have an antique watch or old pocket watch, the process of finding a watch repair shop becomes more detailed. For these watches you need to be mindful of the value in the eyes of a collector. When it comes to repairing classic timepieces less is often more.

Watch Care and Maintenance to Reduce Repairs

If you want your watch to last a long time, reduce repair costs, and minimize self inflicted damage, here are a few simple suggestions to adhere to:

  • If you apply lotion to your arms or hands, take the watch off.
  • When you sleep take the watch off
  • Once a week, wipe down the watch with a soft microfiber towel.
  • If its water resistant you can clean it with a tooth brush (press gently) and warm water.
  • For a water resistant watch consider investing in a small ultrasonic cleaner.

Does a Watch Repair Shop Buy Watches?

If you have a watch to sell, some watch repair shops will buy it. It will depend on the make, model, age, and condition. In some cases they may even buy a broken watch. When they buy a broken watch they will either fix it and sell it or use it for parts.

The place who buys watches near me, doesn’t pay much for watches, but will make you an offer if you have brought them a high end luxury watch that is beyond repair. Still they can re-use the parts.

Popular Watch Brands in The UK

If you want to know more about a particular watch brand such as where to find a repair, authorized service center, warranty information, or common reported problems check the links below. These are some of the most searched for watch brands in the UK in terms of people looking for repairs or service. There is a dedicated page for each brand with specific information:

Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

If you have a timepiece that needs work you must consider the impacts on the warranty before you seek service. Unauthorized repairs, while convenient, could void your warranty for some brands. Authorized repairs often mean being without your watch for a month or longer. This is what I have learned from the watch repair near me.