Invicta Watch Repair Near Me

Invicta Watch Repair Near Me

Trying to repair an Invicta watch can feel like a daunting task. On one hand, you have the option of going to jewelry or watch repair shop. But on the other hand, what kind of guarantee do you get on the work? An authorized Invicta service center is another option, but it can be impersonal and time-consuming. Below, I’ll share where to get your Invicta repaired, common costs, warranty info, and my experience with the Invicta watch repair near me.

Map of Invicta Watch Repair Near Me

For “Invicta watch repair near me”, see the map below…

You can also find repair shops that service Invicta watches on Google or Yelp. A simple search for “Invicta watch repair near me” will provide you with a list of places that may be able to fix your watch.

Unauthorized Invicta Watch Repairs

Invicta does not authorize any local repair shops to fix common issues, even if it’s something as small as replacing a battery or readjusting a watchband. You MUST go through an authorized service center for the manufacturer’s warranty to stay valid; otherwise, any work done by anyone else voids the guarantee.

Most people generally prefer taking their watches or jewelry to a local shop for minor repairs because it’s more personal than dealing with an authorized service center. The process is usually resolved more quickly, and you can physically talk to a repair person. However, Invicta timepieces come with a warranty that covers authorized repair work done at a service center or Invicta retailer.

How Long is The Warranty on My Invicta Watch?

The Invicta brand offers a three-year warranty on all of its timepieces. This covers the manufacturer’s defects. The movement, dial, and hands are the only watch parts that are covered by this warranty. If an Invicta authorized technician discovers that the watch’s craftsmanship or materials were faulty under normal use, they will repair or replace the timepiece at no cost to you.

The crystal, crown, case, strap, bracelet, or battery are not covered. Another important thing to remember is that unauthorized or improper service will void the warranty. And that the warranty only applies to timepieces purchased from an authorized dealer and must be serviced by specialists at Invicta Stores or Invicta Watch Service Centers.

Read the warranty here.

Invicta Watch Battery Replacement Near Me

Even if your watch is covered by the warranty, some things are not included. One example is the battery. The battery is considered a wear-and-tear item, so it’s not something that Invicta will fix or replace for free.

You can, however, take it to an authorized dealer or service center to have the battery replaced. The cost will depend on the type of battery, but it’s usually around £8-£26.

You might also locate watch battery replacement services at jewelry stores or repair businesses. Make sure they’re authorized by Invicta to do the job; otherwise, you may risk voiding your warranty.

It is recommended to change the battery every 1 o 3 years even if it is still working.

Crystal Repair

The crystal is the see-through part of the watch that covers the dial. It’s usually made from synthetic sapphire, mineral glass, or acrylic. Over time, it can become cracked or scratched.

If your Invicta watch crystal is damaged and needs to be replaced, you have a few options. You can go to an authorized Invicta dealer or service center. The cost will depend on the type of crystal and watch model but expect to pay around £30-£180.

Replacing the Strap or Band

If the band on your Invicta watch needs to be replaced, you have a few options. You can take it to an authorized Invicta dealer or service center and they will help you find a replacement band that fits your watch. The cost will depend on the type of band but expect to pay around £8-£50.

You can also find replacement bands online or at a local jewelry store. Here are some alternative options on Amazon.

Resizing the Band or Strap

If the band or strap on your Invicta watch is too big or small, you can take it to an authorized Invicta dealer or service center and they will resize it for you. More often than not, if you return to the store you purchased the watch from, they will resize it for free.

Invicta Crown and Stem Repair

The crown is the knob on the side of the watch that is used to set the time and date. The stem is the part of the movement that transmits the crown’s signal to change the time. If either of these parts breaks, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

You can take it to an authorized Invicta dealer or service center and they will help you find a replacement crown or stem that fits your watch. The cost will depend on the type of crown or stem but expect to pay around £10-£50.

Repairs to the Movement

Invicta timepieces have various movement types such as automatic, quartz, and mechanical. The prices of watch movement work can vary. Age and condition impact the total cost of movement work.

Replacing an Invicta movement costs about £65-£90 on average plus labor for replacing it at the Invicta watch repair near me. A professional technician should fix this.

Authorized Invicta Watch Repairs

Your two options are Invicta retail shops or authorized service centers. Retail shops will likely resolve repairs faster and provide a more personalized experience. Mailing to authorized service centers is an online form-driven process and can take a few weeks to a few months to get work done. The catch though with retail locations is they will not repair your watch on-site. They will mail it in for you on your behalf and manage the transaction with the service center. Atypical repair letting a service case manager handle it for you will take about 30 days.

If you want to deal with the service center yourself you can either visit a store to find out how or call their number here: 844-663-1128

Authorized Invicta Watch Repair Near Me

Your best option for an Invicta watch repair, if there is not one near you, is to go through an authorized service center. These are located in 4 main regions around the world. Here is what you need to keep in mind before going through this process.

The service center can replace or modify the band, clean and lubricate the watch’s parts, replace or reset the mainspring and rotor, change batteries, and more. They will guarantee your watch for a specific length of time from the completion date after performing any servicing tasks.

If your repair is covered under warranty, the company will perform the request at no cost to you. If it’s not included in your warranty, they’ll provide a quote before any work is done. The one downfall of this company is that, unlike other watch companies, they charge 25 for an evaluation and shipping fee. However, if you don’t want the repairs, after all, they’ll send your watch back to you free of charge.

If you believe your problem is covered by the warranty, you’ll need to provide proof. You will submit your watch with a receipt proving the date of purchase, model number, and the price paid.

If you bought the timepiece secondhand, you’ll need the warranty information to file a claim.

To find an Invicta authorized service center, you can check their site here for your best location near you. You can also start the process of filling out the online form here.

Tips for Sending to an Authorized Invicta Service Center Near Me

  • In detail, describe the problem. If the watch is fast, estimate how many minutes or hours per day it gains or loses. If the watch got wet, tell them how and when water damage occurred as well as if there was any sustained immersion in water (and for how long).
  • Estimate the value. Even if the watch was a present and you aren’t sure, attempt to determine its worth.
  • Make sure to insure the package for the value of the watch when you send it..
  • Include all of the required information if you are making a warranty claim.
  • Make sure to pack the watch securely and protect it by using adequate packing materials, like bubble wrap.
  • Carefully read and follow the company’s instructions.

Can you Fix an Invicta Watch Yourself?

You may be able to fix some problems on your Invicta watch without voiding the warranty or doing further damage. Try the following tips:

If your watch has stopped working, check the battery first. You can usually do this yourself by unscrewing the back of the watch and removing the old battery. Take it to a jeweler or watch repair shop to have the new battery put in.

If your watch is running slow or fast, you can try resetting the time. To do this, unscrew the back of the watch and find the reset button. Hold it down for a few seconds until the time resets itself.

If your watchband is broken or damaged, you can usually replace it yourself. You can buy replacement watchbands online or at a jeweler or watch repair shop.

If your watch is waterproof, make sure the seals are intact and unscrewed before diving into the water. If you notice any damage to the seals, take your watch to a jeweler or repair shop to have them replaced.

Cleaning your watch regularly will help keep it in good condition. To clean the watchband, use a mild soap and water solution. To clean the watch face, use a soft cloth and slightly dampen it with water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on your watch as they can damage it.

Keep in mind doing your own work on the timepiece can void the warranty. It is also critical that if you are doing your own watch repair work, to use the proper tools.

Other Resources for Invicta Repair Near Me

Here are resources for obtaining more information on Invicta watches:

Most Popular Invicta Watch Models

When you contact the Invicta watch repair near me, they ask that you have your model number readily available. This will allow the technician to understand your watch’s internal mechanics and make sure they know how to fix it properly.

Here are some of the most popular Invicta watch models:

  • 0764 Stainless Steel Watch
  • 8932 Pro Diver Watch
  • 14330 Specialty 18k Yellow Gold-Plated Watch
  • 6620 II Collection Stainless Steel Watch
  • 0072 Pro Diver Chronograph 18k gold plated
  • 0489 Angel CollectionCubic Zirconia-Accented Watch
  • 6620 II Collection Chronograph
  • 6410 Python
  • 17203 Aviator Stainless Steel and 18k Rose Gold Ion-Plated Watch
  • 9204 Pro Diver Silver-Tone Watch
  • 14876 Specialty Chronograph 18k Gold and Stainless Steel
  • Sea Spider Chronograph 1932
  • 9212 Speedway
  • 1090 Russian Diver Rose Gold-tone Skeleton Watch
  • 15789 S I Rally Analog Display Swiss Quartz
  • 0927 Anatomic Chronograph
  • 0515 Blue Mother Of Pearl Stainless Steel Watch
  • 6977 Pro Diver
  • 89280B Pro Diver
  • 6981 Pro Diver

Invicta Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Invicta watches date back to 1911. The company has a long tradition of making high-quality, Swiss-made watches. If your Invicta watch needs repair, it’s important to take it to an authorized Invicta watch repair center. This will ensure that your watch is repaired properly and won’t void the warranty. You can find an authorized Invicta watch repair center near you by visiting the Invicta website. That’s what I have learned from the Invicta watch repair near me.