Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me

Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me

Tag Heuer watches are great time pieces. There is much debate about whether they are luxury watches or mid grade, Considering the cost of repairs, I would qualify these as mid grade watches as the repairs and parts are less expensive then Tag competitors. In the article below I will address where to get a Tag Heuer watch fixed, warranty information, common repairs, and my experience with the Tag Heuer watch repair near me.

Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me

If you need “Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me”, see the Google Map below…

While your local watch repair shop or jeweler can do repairs on your watch, you need to consider how it impacts your warranty. In most cases local work or even repair work you perform yourself is considered an unauthorized repair. Unauthorized repairs void your warranty.

Unauthorized Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me

Your local repair shop will be happy to work on your Tag Heuer watch. They will in fact probably do a great job. The downside however is this is considered an unauthorized repair that will void your warranty. In addition these shops can not honor your warranty or guarantee their work.

So why does anyone go to a local watch repair shop?

Local watch repair shops provide faster turnaround on repairs and you can talk to a technician directly. It’s much easier to walk into a shop and describe your issue verbally. Also for some folks with an expired watch warranty, it doesn’t make a difference.

Authorized service centers take about 3 to 5 weeks for repairs and you will communicate via online chat or email. The benefit though is this is the only way to make a claim on a warranty or ensure your warranty stays in tact.

How Long is The Warranty on My Tag Heuer?

Tag Heuer timepieces feature a 2 year limited liability warranty. This warranty covers craftsmanship and manufacturer defects. Their warranty varies slightly by country, so if you are outside of the UK, you may need to find your countries legal language. Here is the UK warranty.

To make a warranty claim you need an original receipt with the purchase date, model number, and purchase price.

Only an authorized service center can make good on a warranty claim. Parts covered by the warranty are mostly related to the internal movement. Parts like the battery, strap, band, and crystal which take wear and tear during normal use are not covered.

The warranty is very specific about unauthorized repair work. Any person who performs work on the timepiece that is not an authorized Tag Heuer technician will void the warranty.

Tag Heuer Battery Replacement

The chronograph function on a Tag watch is a known battery drainer. Many Tag Heuer watch owners say the battery will last less then a year if the Chronograph function is used extensively.

The battery in your watch should be replaced every one to three years. A dead battery should never be left in the watch as it can leak and cause damage.

A battery change in a Tag Heuer is not difficult to do on your own. It requires a case knife, case holder, tweezers, and a mini screw driver. Just remember that changing that battery is considered unauthorized repair work. At a minimum you should have pro do the battery swap for you especially on any diver model.

For batteries of different brands you can use this battery conversion chart.

Crystal Repair

The crystal is the piece of glass like material that sits over the watch and protects the hands and dial. Different grades of Tag Heuer watches have different types of crystals. The materials commonly used are acrylic, mineral glass, and sapphire. More expensive Tag’s will have a sapphire crystal, while the less expensive will have acrylic.

Sapphire is characterized as being expensive, hard to scratch, but shatters easily. Acrylic is inexpensive, will scratch, but won’t shatter. Lite scratches on acrylic or mineral glass crystals can be buffed out.

The cost of crystal repair and replacement varies based on the type of crystal. Any work you need on a crystal especially a replacement should be done by professional.

Band or Strap Replacement

Tags feature different materials for their bands and straps. High end watches will feature high end metals that can be expensive to replace. Some tags do have straps made of leather, synthetic rubber, or fabric. On some models you can change out the strap or band by using a spring pen. There are also 3rd party sellers who have straps and bands that fit Tag Heuer watches.

Resizing Repairs

Resizing is an important repair to have done on your watch. A custom fitted watch not only looks better, but serves to protect the timepiece. When a watch fits securely it won’t fall off your wrist or bang into object causing damage.

Straps present challenges to resizing. A strap can have new holes added or the clasp moved, but eventually you don’t have any material remaining for adjustments. Metal bands on the other hands are just a matter of adding or removing links.

Crown and Stem Work

The crown is the watch part that lets you set the time and date function. You may even have 3 crowns on some models of Tag watches.

A repair to the crown isn’t a difficult job. The issue though is often when the crown is damaged so is the internal pin, called the stem. Any damage to the crown should be looked at my a professional technician. In some cases the crown can push the stem so far in that the watches movement is effected.

Crown and stem work on newer Tag Heuer models is straightforward because the parts are available from the manufacturer. For a vintage Tag though it gets more complicated especially when it concerns the stem. On a vintage Tag if a stem can’t be found on the secondary watch parts market a new one needs to be fabricated.

Movement Repairs

The movement of a watch is the internal components that make it work. Work on the movement can be expensive and should only be done by a professional. The best way to limit the amount of movement work you need over the life of the watch is to make sure you have it serviced regularly.

In my experience with Tag, they are one the most reliable Swiss movements made. You can go longer between servicing and still get good performance from the watch.

For newer Tag’s parts are available and the work is affordable. Vintage Tag Heuer timepieces can get expensive especially if you need to replace the movemnet or your movement requires an overhaul.

Mailing in Your Watch to a Tag Heuer Authorized Service Center

If you’ve been looking for Tag Heuer watch repair near me and aren’t having luck, sending it to an authorized service center may be your only other option.

An authorized service center is the only place that can honor your warranty. They can also guarantee their work for up to 12 months from the date of repair.

Any repair work you send them that is covered by the warranty is done for free. Repair requests that aren’t covered by the warranty will generate an estimate that you can approve or reject. If you reject the estimate they will mail the timepiece back to you.

For a warranty claim you will need to provide them with your contact info, email address, case back number, serial number, and a description of the problem.

To initiate a mail in service request you can send in your watch directly to Tag Heuer or drop it at one of their authorized locations.

Before Sending In Your Watch…

  • Write on an index card the specific issue(s) you are having with the timepiece.
  • Estimate the value of the watch and add it to the index card.
  • Write your name, email, address, phone number on the index car.
  • Insure your package for the estimated value of your timepiece.
  • For a warranty claim, make sure you include all the required information.
  • Pack the watch securely for protection in transit.
  • Follow all instructions on the Tag Heuer service center site.

Can You Repair a Tag Heuer Yourself?

Sure, technically you can fix a Tag watch. It is not advised though especially anything beyond a basic battery change or strap swap. Tag’s have complicated internal mechanisms that should only be worked on by a pro. You also run the risk of voiding your watches warranty.

Other Resources

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Tag Heuer Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Tag Heuer watches have well built Swiss movements. The knock on them is usually around battery life particularly on watches with a chronograph function. For repair work, parts are normally affordable as the watches fall in the mid grade range. Some boarder line on luxury and will have more expensive components. When considering a repair you want to assess how the place you have do the work impacts your warranty.  This is what I have learned from the Tag Heuer watch repair near me.