Michael Kors Watch Repair Near Me

Michael Kors Watch Repair Near Me

Michael Kors doesn’t actually make their own watches, they are produced by Fossil in the China factory. A majority of them feature a Quartz movement and are more recognizable for their fashion over function. In the article below I will discuss where to get on fixed, warranty information, basic repair questions, and how the  Michael Kors watch repair near me operates.

Michael Kors Watch Repair Near Me

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Michael Kors watches are actually made by Fossil. This is a common practice for a retail fashion brand to hire a popular watch maker to manufacturer watches for them. It is important to know that these at the core are made by Fossil, because that is essentially who will deal with for the warranty and any authorized repairs.

Unauthorized Michael Kors Watch Repair Shops

Taking your Michael Kors watch to the nearest watch repair or jeweler is fine as long as you understand the risks. These places can fix some of the most common watch problems. Just because they can fix your timepiece does not mean they are authorized by the manufacturer to do so. Any unauthorized work by a technician will void your warranty.

So why does anyone ever go to an unauthorized shop?

The answer is simple, convenience. Local watch repairs shops and jewelers can often get repairs done faster and you can talk to a pro technician directly. Typically when you deal with an authorized service center you have to mail in watch, wait 2to 5 weeks for repair, and all communication is done electronically.

When you need an authorized repair it is most often because you need to make a warranty claim or you want to keep your warranty in tact.

How Long is The Warranty on My Michael Kors Watch?

Michael Kors watches have a two year limited liability warranty that starts from the purchase date of the watch. It covers the basics of manufacturers defects and craftsmanship that all watch warranties commonly cover. That means any issue with the watch that relates to the manufacturing quality or workmanship quality will be covered for two years.

What is not covered is wear and tear under normal use. This means shocks and impacts, dead batteries, broken crystals, and the likes are not covered. Also if you need to ship your watch to an authorized service center the cost of shipping is also deferred to you.

If you think your repair work falls under the warranty, you will need to prove that your watch is within the coverage timeframe. You will be asked to provide proof of purchase with an original receipt that shows the price and watch model number. You can read the Michael Kors warranty here.

Using a Michael Kors Boutique to Handle a Repair

If you have a local Michael Kors boutique they can manage the repair on your behalf. They will not repair it on site, but send the watch in on your behald and the contact you when it is completed. This is a customer service courtesy. Doing that you can actually defer the shipping costs to them. You can find a Michael Kors store here.

Battery Replacement in a Michael Kors Watch

With a majority of these watches having Quartz movements, most have batteries to power them. A watch battery should be changed every one to three years. You never want to leave a dead battery in a watch because it can leak and damage the internal components. If your watch is losing time it is a sign that the battery needs replacement.

You local watch shop can replace a battery in these watches. You can likely do it yourself as well with a case knife, tweezers, mini screw driver, and a case holder. Just keep in mind a local shop or doing work yourself technically voids the warranty.

Most MK watches have a button  cell battery, but the size you need varies by the model of your timepiece.

Different brands of batteries are similar, but have different model numbers then you have currently in your watch. you can check a size conversion chart for alternative brands.

For water resistant MK watches I recommend seeing a pro technician for a battery swap. They will rerun a water test on the case when the work is complete to ensure the watch is sealed correctly.

MK Watch Crystal Replacement

While these watches look fashionable, their parts are standard Fossil parts from China. Most have a low end crystal made of acrylic or mineral glass. The good news about that is if you scratch or shatter the crystal it is not very expensive to replace. For soft surface scratches a jeweler or repair shop can buff them out. Deeper scratches likely require a full crystal replacement.

Replacing the Band on an MK Watch

MK watches will feature both material straps and metal bands. It depends on the style of the timepiece. These watches using a pin mechanism that attach the band or strap to the lugs. Most can be popped out with the use of a spring pen. This is another repair you can do on your own or easily take to a jeweler or repair shop.

The cost of these repairs really depends on the style of band or strap you want and the material it is crafted from.

Resizing Your Watch

Watch resizing is one of the most popular watch services at any repair shop. While some folks get this done at the time of purchase you may need it later on if you have changed weight, received a gift, or didn’t properly assess the fit when you bought it.

Watch resizing usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes. If you take the watch back to where you bought it they may even resize it for free. If you bought it at an MK retail store, they likely won’t have the tools on hand to do a resize repair for you. They will mail it in and contact you when it is complete.

Resizing work can be done on your own or with a local repair shop. That is often the much easier route then seeking an authorized service for these.

Crown and Stem Replacement

Crowns are the knob(s) that allow you to change the watches time and functions. A crown repair isn’t complicated, when the damage is only limited to the crown. Often though when a crown is damaged the stem is damaged along with it. The stem is the internal pin that connects the crown to the movement. Damage to the pin gets more complicated and may even have caused damage to the movement.

In my experience with the Michael Kores watch repair near me pins for these timepieces are more common to find and make for any easier repair job.

Repairs to the Movement

A watches movement is the internal components that make it work. Any work to the movement of your MK timepiece should be done by a pro technician. Depending on how expensive your Michael Kors watch was, it may not be worth the cost having an overhaul to the movement. Instead since these are mostly basic Chinese Quartz movements you should ask for the cost of replacing the movement instead of repairing the current one.

Michael Kors Authorized Service Centers

Michael Kors has a 3rd party manage all their repair inquiries and work. You will be required to fill out an online form, answer questions about the watch model number, the issues you are having, and the purchase date of the product. These questions will be asked even if you are not asking to make a claim against the warranty.

If you have a claim against the warranty, you should specify. In that case they will assess if the issue is related to craftsmanship or a manufacturers defect. If it is determined it is your repair will be completed for free as long as you are within the 2 years from date of purchase. Any issue found not covered by warranty, they will give you an estimate on the cost for the repair.

To find an authorized MK watch repair, you can use their repair portal.

Contact for the UK: 0800 358 0598 or [email protected]

Before You send an MK Watch in For Service

Before you send your watch to them do the following:

  • Write on an index car the specific issue the watch has. Be very specific about the problem.
  • Include an estimated value of the watch on the index card.
  • Write your name, number, email address, and physical address on the index card.
  • Insure your package for the value of the watch.
  • Use bubble wrap to protect the watch in transit.
  • For warranty claims include all the warranty information.
  • Use signature confirmation or a tracking service to ensure your watch arrives at the destination.
  • Follow all the instructions on their website for mail in servicing.

Can you Fix an Michael Kors Watch Yourself?

MK watches are not tp bad to perform work on yourself. I never recommend doing your own work outside of a basic battery change or strap swap. Once you start working on the timepiece you will void your warranty. If you decide to do your own work anyway at least consider grabbing some basic watch repair tools.

Other Resources

For additional support on MK watches, consider the following websites:

Michael Kors Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Michael Kors are actually Fossil watches. The prioritize fashion over function, but the good part about that is they are affordable to fix. You can do some basic work on these watches yourself or at a local jeweler or watch repair. Just keep in mind that your actions will impact the warranty. This is what I have learned from the Michael Kors watch repair near me.