Seiko Watch Repair Near Me

Seiko Watch Repair Near Me

If you need a Seiko watch repaired, you need to be mindful of where you take it. While any jeweler or watch shop can do most repairs, that doesn’t mean they are authorized. In the article below I will cover authorized vs unauthorized repairs, Seiko warranty information, and tips for mailing your watch to a service center. I will also share my experience with the Seiko watch repair near me.

Seiko Watch Repair Near Me – Find A Seiko Watch Repair

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At face value it may seem that you can just visit any watch shop or jeweler for a repair. In fact, you can and they can likely fix the most common issues with your watch. The trouble is if they are not an authorized Seiko service center, it could void your warranty.

Unauthorized Seiko Watch Repairs

Any business that is not licensed/certified by Seiko that works on your timepiece constitutes an unauthorized repair. That includes you working on your own watch as well.  While you and or a trained technician may be fully capable of doing the repair work, it will void your warranty when you do it. This even includes small repairs like swapping out the battery.

So why would anyone go to a jeweler or watch repair shop?

These shops have some advantages over authorized service centers. Typically your local watch repair can complete the work faster and provide a more personalized customer experience. It’s much easier to explain a problem with your watch when you get to speak with a technician face to face.

Authorized service centers normally takes 2- 5 weeks for a repair and you likely will only talk to a customer service rep. You may even need to mail your watch in unless you have a place locally. However, this is the only way to keep your Seiko warranty in tact.

Keep reading for more information on Seiko service centers.

Is My Seiko Watch Still Under Warranty?

Seiko watches feature a 3 year limited warranty. The coverage starts from the original purchase date on your receipt. To make a claim on the warranty you will need to provide the original receipt that shows the purchase date, watch model, and price of the timepiece. To learn more about your Seiko warranty here is the documentation.

The Seiko warranty is pretty standard for a watch. It is a limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects and craftsmanship. It does not cover wear and tear. This means common issues like battery swaps, cracked or scratched crystals, and worn out bands are not covered. What’s most is the clause regarding authorized repairs. The warranty specifically points out that anyone who’ s not authorized to work on the timepiece voids the warranty.

Seiko Battery Replacement

If you have a Seiko with a battery, eventually it will need replacement. Changing the battery is one of the most commonly requested services at a repair shop. A battery service usually runs about £8 for a basic Seiko watch. If the watch is water resistant, the service may cost more, that is because a water seal test is required to ensure the watch is closed securely. Now if you have a luxury high end Seiko, a battery change could cost as much as £35,

If you’re watch is still covered under warranty and you would like to keep it that way, you should get a battery change by an authorized service center. However if you would like to change it on your own, it is of course possible as long as you know the risks and what you are doing.

To change a battery I would recommend having a few basic tools. This includes a watch holder, a case knife to remove the back casing lid, and a small screw driver.

Depending on what type of battery you need, you may need to reference a battery conversion chart. You can use it to check how to convert the requiremnets between different battery brands. See a conversion chart here.

Seiko Watch Crystal Replacement

The crystal which some people refer to as the glass, is the part that sits between you and the dial. A watch crystal can be made of different materials such as acrylic, mineral glass, plastic, or sapphire.

The type of crystal you have makes a big impact of the cost of repair it. Lower grade watches have acrylic or plastic crystals. These may scratch easy, are really difficult to shatter, and are cheap to replace. On the high end Seiko’s you will have a sapphire crystal. These are difficult to scratch, shatter easy, and are very expensive to replace.

A crystal replacement should be done by a pro watch technician.

Replacing the Band

Seiko’s feature all different kinds of straps and bands. This ranges from fabric, rubber, or leather straps, to high end metal bracelets. Changing the band or strap can completely change the look and feel of your timepiece. Some people get this done to change the look, but sometimes these pieces need replacement from wear and tear.

Straps made of leather, rubber, and or fabric are much less expensive to replace then metal bracelets. You can save money, by getting a band or strap made by a 3rd party seller. If you do with a band or strap from Seiko you typically will pay a premium price.

Resizing a Seiko Band or Strap

Resizing is by far one of the most commonly request watch repairs. Straps made of rubber, leather, or fabric are more difficult to resize. You can punch new holes in them, but eventually you run out of material to work with. On the other hand metal bands its often as simple as adding or removing links.

Having your watch resized to fit properly is important. A watch that is sized correctly is more secure on your wrist and helps prevent it from falling or banging into objects unintentionally.

Crown Repairs

The crown is the knob or knobs on the side of your watch that allow you to change settings and adjust the time. Any crown damage should be assessed by a pro technician. Damage to the crown often causes damage to the stem and possibly damage to the internal movement.

If you have a newer Seiko watch, finding replacement parts for the crown and stem isn’t too bad. A vintage Seiko however is more difficult to find parts for because the pieces are no longer manufactured. On a vintage Seiko, this will extend the time it takes for the repair work to be completed.

Movement Repairs

The watches movement refers to a ll the tiny mechanisms inside that make it work. Overtime any watch will require service on the movement and perhaps a complete overhaul. This is definitely a repair service that only a professional should complete.

Seiko’s typically have either an automatic or a Quartz movement. They actually manufacturer one of the most reliable and durable movements you can get in a timepiece. This is because the manufacture their watches with high quality components. You can actually swap some Seiko movement pieces with other parts from similar Japanese movements from different manufacturers.

Mailing in Your Seiko to an Authorized Service Center

If you don;t have local repair shop that is an authorized service center, you may need to mail your timepiece in.

Here is what you need to know about the process of mailing in your watch:

A Seiko service center is the sole authorized service center. When you get work done, they guarantee it for 1 year once the work complete. When they receive your watch they will examine it and determine if the issue is covered by warranty. If it is, the work is done free of charge. If the work isn’t covered, they provide a written estimate. Should you decide not to have the work completed they will mail you back your watch.

If you are looking for an authorized service center for Seiko, check here.

Tips for Sending In Your Timepiece

  • Write the issue on an index card to include in the package. Be specific about the problem. For example if the watch is losing time say by how much.
  • Estimate the watches value and include it on the index card.
  • Write your name, phone number, email, and address on the index card.
  • Put a description of the watch on the envelope. If your watch should get separated at the factory they can match it back to your envelope and paperwork.
  • Pack the watch securely using adequate packing and bubble wrap.
  • Follow all directions on the service centers website

Can you Fix a Seiko Watch Yourself?

Sure you can fix a Seiko timepiece on your own, but that is never what I advise. It may seem easy to change out the battery for example, but you can cause damage like scratching the case introducing dust inside.

Other Helpful Resources

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Seiko Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Seeking a local repair is certainly the most convenient option, but know the risks to your warranty when you do it. If you have a high end watch my best advise is to seek an authorized service center. If you aren’t concerned about the warranty, then these watches aren’t too difficult to work in. In fact you may even be able to swap some parts with other Japanese watches. This is what I have learned from the Seiko watch repair near me.