Fitbit Repair Near Me

Fitbit Repair Near Me

Fitbits can take a lot of abuse since they are by nature fitness trackers. When you have a broken Fitbit, it’s not really intuitive where to take for repair work. Do you go to a watch shop or to a computer repair? In the article below will talk about where to get one fixed, the warranty, and how the Fitbit repair near me operates.

Fitbit Repair Near Me

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Repairing a Fitbit is more like repairing a smart watch then a traditional wrist watch. Certain aspects of your device will be covered under the factory warranty, but without coverage you will pay for repairs. You can see the warranty on their website, here.

The warranty has lots of legal talk on it, so here is the long and the short of what you need to know…

How Long the Fitbit Warranty and What Does It Cover?

The device has a limited liability warranty that is one year from the purchase date. The warranty protects against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship issues. What it does not cover is wear and tear from daily use. Also it specifies that it does not cover any application issues related to your phone or the linking with their website. Even the software inside the device is not covered by the warranty. So basically just the physical device is covered from problems arising from the manufacturer.

There are also special stipulations if you have a refurbished Fitbit. On an officially refurbished model that are some guarantees regarding part replacement.

So What Qualifies as Manufacturer Defects?

A few examples of defective hardware on a Fitbit could be:

  1. The strap breaks during normal usage.
  2. Your screen loses power or begins to not illuminate as bright.
  3. The battery does not retain a charge for a reasonable time period.
  4. The device completely stops working and won’t turn on.

If you experience any issue like what is listed above, it must be within one year of the purchase date to make a warranty claim. To do so you are going to need to prove your device is still covered and that you own it.

How to Make a Warranty Claim on a Fitbit

The first step to making a Fitbit warranty claim is to contact the company. They have various contact points on their website that include Twitter, email, phone call, the forum, or live chat with an agent. They will require you to provide account details and which model of device are you calling in regards to. Then they will ask you to specifically describe the issue you are having with the device.

They will determine the warranty eligibility from there. If the device is covered they will ask you to mail it in. If you need to mail it in, you should make sure you wrap it up for protection in transit and insure the package for the value of the device.

In my experience with the Fitbit repair near me, they will not tell you how long a repair may take. In fact they may not even repair it, they may just send you a brand new device.

Does Fitbit Have an Extended Warranty?

No. There is no extended warranty on a Fitbit through the manufacturer. However you may be able to get one via the store you purchased it from. For example you can buy a Fitbit on Amazon and then buy extended coverage and protection in a service plan. This kind of add on extends your warranty one year past the date your manufacturers warranty expires.

Does the Warranty Transfer if You Sell It?

technically no, but if you sell it and provide the buyer with the original receipt that contains the purchase date, model number, and price you should be ok. If you are the buyer of a second hand device, you should ask the seller if they have the documentation.

Options to to Replace Your Fitbit Instead of Repairing It

Fitbit’s while kind expensive, don’t really have a great warranty. If you have issues with the device sometime it is better to just replace it.

Fitbit Repair Near Me Wrap Up

For a Fitbit repair, you don’t have a ton of choice. Should you want to seek out a local repair you are better off going to a cell phone store. The technology inside is more similar to a smart watch then a mechanical watch. The best options for getting one fixed is dealing directly with the company. With such a short warranty though you aren’t going to get much coverage unless you have a hardware problem resulting from poor manufacturing. This is what I have learned from Fitbit repair near me.