Rado Watch Repair Near Me

Rado Watch Repair Near Me

Rado is a manufacturer of luxury Swiss watches. They are known for making lite weigh timepieces, some featuring ceramic cases. A Rado watch is not technically too difficult to perform repairs on, however finding am authorized repair shop can be difficult. Below I will discuss where to get a Rado watch fixed, the warranty, how an authorized service center works, and share my experience with the Rado watch repair near me.

Rado Watch Repair Near Me

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When you need a Rado watch repaired you can find plenty of local watch repair shops or jewelers that can handle the work. The only issue you will run into is that these are not authorized service centers and can void your warranty.

Unauthorized Rado Watch Repairs

While your local watch or jewelry repair shop can handle popular watch issues, they aren’t likely an authorized service center. This means that they can;t honor a warranty, guarantee their work, and may void your warranty by working on your watch.

The advantage of going to a local repair shop though is a faster repair and talking directly with a technician. It is more convenient to find a local shop then to deal with an authorized service center. Plus if your warranty is already expired then it won’t matter if an unauthorized person works on it.

Dealing with an authorized service center often means a 3 to 5 week turnaround, mailing away your watch, and only electronic communication. For certain repairs though an authorized service center is the best way to go.

The Warranty on a Rado Watch

Rado watches have a two year limited warranty. The warranty begins on the purchase date. It covers manufacturer defects and craftsmanship. Only watches that are sold by an authorized dealer and having a dated certificate fully filled out and stamped are covered by the warranty.

Manufacturer defects and craftsmanship refer to coverage on mechanical parts that are the result of manufacturing issues. Any damage caused by you is not covered. Parts like the battery, crystal, and strap are not covered as the are subject to wear and tear under normal use.

The Warranty also specifically calls out what constitutes and unauthorized repair. Any repair work performed by any non-authorized Rado technician will void the warranty.

Here is the warranty for you to review.

Rado Watch Battery Replacement

If you have a battery operated watch eventually you need to swap out the battery. It is recommended to do so every one to three years. If your battery has died already, you should not leave it in your timepiece. A dead battery can leak and cause other damage inside the case.

These watches have a button cell battery and it is possible to change it on your own. Before you do so just understand that doing so qualifies as an unauthorized repair and could void your warranty. Should you decide to change the battery yourself you will need a case holder, mini screw driver, case knife and tweezers.

If you are changing brands of batteries you can reference this battery conversion chart.

For a diver watch I highly recommend getting a pro to do your battery change. Once they do the swap they will ensure the watch is sealed correctly and remains waterproof.

Rado Crystal Repair

The crystal is often referred to as the watch class. It protects the face of the watch.

Every watch from this brand has a sapphire crystal. That means any replacement required of the crystal is expensive. While sapphire doesn’t really scratch it will shatter if hit hard enough. For a crystal repair or replacement you should seek a professional service.

The older your watch is the more difficult the job is. Newer Rado’s have the parts still available. A vintage watch means finding parts on the secondary market or having to settle for fabrication. This adds time and expense to your repair work.

Band and Strap Work

These timepieces use a variety of materials for their bands and straps. From high end metal bracelets to synthetic rubber straps. Replacing a strap or band has varying costs depending on the material you choose. You can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon that will fit on a Rado timepiece. Many of their watches can have strap or band changed with the use of a spring pen.

Other common work on bands and straps is resizing. Resizing is an important service because it secures the watch properly on your wrist. While this not only looks more elegant it prevents the watch from falling off or banging into objects.

Crown and Stem Repair

The crown of the watch is the knob that you use to adjust date, time, and other functions. When a crown is damaged it isn’t a difficult repair. The trouble is most often when a crown is damaged the internal pin, called the stem, is damaged also. The stem is attached to the internal movement.

Anytime you have crown damage you should have a professional look at the watch. A problem with the crown often has impact on other watch components.

Vintage Rado’s are more complicated then newer ones. This is because you will either need a stem found on the secondary parts market or a new stem fabricated. This will add time and money to your crown and stem repair work.

Movement Repair Work

The movement is the internal components that make the watch work. Most of these watches have either a Quartz or an automatic movement mechanism. Any work on the movement should be done by a pro. Movement work can get expensive. To keep problems with the movement in check you should be having your timepiece serviced regularly.

Older timepieces will cost more for movement work. Like replacing the movement in an old Captain Cook Diver will run £500. Overhauling one is closer to £700.

Rado Authorized Service Centers

Authorized repairs come only via a Rado authorized service center. Rado is part of the Swatch Watch Group so you may notice that you are dealing with Swatch and their repair network. In my experience with the Rado watch repair near me, which is a boutique, they actually advise you to mail in the watch. A mail in repair takes about 3 to 5 weeks on average.

You can contact their customer service here.

How Mailing in Your Watch Works…

Mailing in your watch requires filling out an online form and shipping your watch.

For a warranty claim you will need to provide proof. That means you need your service card fully filled out and stamped.

The authorized service center can do any repair work you need. If the issue falls under the warranty the job is completed at no cost. Any other issues they will send you a cost estimate. If you decide not to have the work done, they will mail the timepiece back to you.

The best part about repairs at an authorized service center is the work comes with a guarantee. Ant work they do they will stand behind for 12 months after it is completed.

Before Sending Away Your Watch For Repair Work…

  • Write out an index card with the specific problem you are having with the watch.
  • Estimate the value of the watch and write it on the index card.
  • Write your name, email, address, and phone number on the index card.
  • Insure the package for the estimated value of the watch.
  • Carefully pack the watch to protect it in transit.
  • Follow all the instructions on their website
  • For Rado I would recommend calling customer service before you send the watch.

Can you Fix an Rado Watch Yourself?

You can repair these watches on your own. I do not recommend though that you do it. Anytime you open the case you risk damage to the internal components. These are high end watches and a professional is the best  option.  Should you decide that you want to do it yourself, consider getting a simple watch repair kit.


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Rado Watch Repair Near Me Conclusion

Rado has been around for about 100 years. They are considered high end luxury Swiss watches which makes repair work more expensive. While a local repair shop can certainly handle most work on these, you must consider how that may impact your warranty. This is what I have learned from the Rado watch repair near me.